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Tour Home: How to use the Internet in Your Classroom
Tour Home: The New Teacher Handbook
How to Use the Internet in Your Classroom: New Teachers Handbook "What They're Saying..."

Here's what your colleagues and the media are saying about New Teachers Handbook:

"We know that no matter what preparations they bring to the classroom, new teachers require strong support and access to resources. One such resource is the New Teachers Handbook, written by experienced teachers from classrooms around the country, and produced by Teachers Network, an organization that has been in partnership with my district for over 10 years. I applaud this initiative to have experienced teachers share their knowledge with beginning teachers and recommend the New Teachers Handbook as a resource to you."

Dr. Daniel Domenech, Superintendent, Fairfax County Public Schools

"It's time to chuck out those ancient teacher manuals, and plug into the plethora of resources available on the World Wide Web. Among our favorites: the nonprofit Teachers Network...it offers a searchable database of classroom projects, each battle-tested and ready to use."


"With thoughtful reviews of teaching strategies and major learning theories.[New Teachers Handbook] proves that no matter what you are grappling with, others have been through it and will help."

Creative Classroom

".[New Teachers Handbook] devotes thoughtful attention to things recent graduates probably didn't learn in college-multiple intelligence in theory and practice, time management, working with other teachers, and aligning curriculum with standards and testing."

NEA Today

"[New Teachers Handbook,].designed to assist instructors who are on a first-time voyage to the other side of the classroom desk."

Chicago Union Teacher

"New Teachers Handbook is a practical how-to guide packed with teaching ideas, classroom-management strategies, lesson plans, and hundreds of valuable resources."

Instructor Magazine


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