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Tour Home: How to use the Internet in Your Classroom
Tour Home: The New Teacher Handbook
How to Use the Internet in Your Classroom: Laura A. Clark

"Now, you and your students have figured out how to research using the Internet. The students have fistfuls of neatly printed information and some beautiful graphics, which they gleefully present to you announcing that they are 'done.' How do you help them see that those pages are only the beginning?"
(read more)

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Laura A. Clark 

Dual Language Middle School
New York, NY

Laura A. Clark was born and raised in San Jose, California. After graduating from the University of California at San Diego, with a BA in linguistics and a Master's degree in Pacific International Affairs, she worked as a researcher, editor, and organizer on education and other issues in California and in Central America, where she also deepened her fluency in Spanish. After receiving a master's degree in international and transcultural education from Teachers College at Columbia University, Laura began teaching in 1999 at the Dual Language Middle School, a New York City public school. She teaches math, literature, and social studies, and is the computer coordinator for her school. 

You can reach me at: techclark@yahoo.com 


Diary of a New Teacher 
This is a monthly column on my experiences as a new teacher.

Teaching Tolerance  
Teaching Tolerance is dedicated to helping teachers foster equity, respect, and understanding.

Teachers can make their own puzzles here for students.

Media Channel 
A media literacy toolkit.

Ask Asia  
A K-12 resource of the Asia Society.

De Par en Par  
A source of teaching ideas and lesson plans in Spanish.

New York Road Runners Sub-20 Running Site  
A running site for runners under 20.

Who Represents Me?  
New Yorkers can type in their zip code and get contact information about their elected officials.

Scholastic News Zone  Good news site for kids and teachers.

Google Search Engine  
My favorite search engine for kids: no ads; no waiting for graphics to load; easy for first time searchers to figure out.

Hope this is helpful!


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