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Student-Friendly Resources: Middle School

Like elementary school students, sometimes it can be difficult to find Internet resources that are both educative and which middle school students can read and comprehend. Below,we list some of our favorite Internet sites teachers can use with middle school students, all recommended by teachers in our network:

Ask Asia: http://askasia.org/students/index.htm

Liberty Science Center's Online Science: http://lsc.org/online_science/online_science.html

Big Dog's Grammar: http://aliscot.com/bigdog

Cool Math for Kids: http://coolmath4kids.com

Instrument Encyclopedia: http://www2.si.umich.edu/chico/instrument/

National Geographic for Kids: http://nationalgeographic.com/kids

CDC's Body & Mind: http://bam.gov

Insects Online: http://insects.org

Neuroscience for Kids: http://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/neurok.html

Mineral & Gemstone Kingdom: http://minerals.net

How Stuff Works: http://howstuffworks.com

Solar System Simulator: http://space.jpl.nasa.gov

CDC's Tips for Youth: http://cdc.gov/tobacco/tips4youth.htm

NYC Immigrant Experience: http://tenement.org/immigrantexperience/lalutta.htm

Architecture for Kids: http://kids.gov/6_8/6_8_art_architecture.shtml