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The Power of One:
Maximizing the One Computer Classroom

By Allisyn Levy

3 Simple Solutions for Rotating Students :

•  Laminate a list of student names. Clip clothespins next to students' names
that start on the computer. Move clothespins as students rotate.

•  Place a stuffed animal on the desk of whichever student(s) will start on the computer. Students move the stuffed animal/object to the next person as they take turns with tasks on the computer.

•  Teach 2 students the computer task for the day (i.e., scavenger hunt, online
dictionary for vocabulary words, research, etc.). After those 2 students finish the task, they teach the next 2 students.

*Note: If appropriate, try a numbered sign-in sheet, motivating students to get to class on time.


• When kids are using the Internet, keep pads of paper by the computer for them to write down a keyword of what they are searching for. This helps to keep an eye on what they are doing & knowing if they're on task.

• Customize your personal toolbar on the Internet. Select great sites to enrich your curriculum & rotate monthly.

• Teach a “ website of the week ” using the projector. Send home in-class newsletters for students to explore with their families .

• Create a MENU of software (CDs of the week/month)—this helps to rotate software. 

Ways to incorporate the computer into classroom jobs:

• Incorporate the computer into jobs , when applicable (i.e., checking & reporting the weather (weather.com) daily. This way, students are working on research and presentation skills at the
same time they perform their jobs.

How Tech maintenance students can help:
ipe down computer screen
S traighten computer supplies
L abel disks
M aintain a software library
T roubleshooting, etc...

Troubleshooting tips to teach students :
•  http://uen.org/utahlink/tours/tourElement.cgi?element_id=20510&
•  http://techtrain.org/resource/1c_trbls.htm

File Management Ideas:

Ten ideas taken directly from a teacher's experiences.

Strategies & Applications for the One Computer Classroom

Allisyn Levy is a 3rd grade teacher at PS 261 in Brooklyn, NY.