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Teachers Network in the News

Article courtesy of United Teacher, August 22, 2003

Member Milestones

LAUSD teachers Jane Fung, Jill Manning, and Lara Goldstone, along with 50 other teacher leaders from throughout the nation, recently participated in a weeklong summit of the Teachers Network Policy Institute on Bainbridge Island, Washington. The TNPI summer institute is grounded in the idea that education policy continues to be made without the voice of the teacher, even though study after study has affirmed that teacher expertise is one of the most important factors in student achievement.

At the institute, teachers and policymakers came together to help bridge that gap. The purpose of this institute was for TNPI MetLife Fellows all full time classroom teachers to ensure that the teacher's voice is included in the development of federal, state, and local education policy initiatives. During the TNPI summer institute, teachers served as spokespersons for the profession, meeting and holding conversations with high level policymakers.

TNPI MetLife Fellows also pooled their findings based on research studies conducted in their classrooms during the past several years using hands on, practical classroom experience to make crucial education policy recommendations to policymakers. Fung's research focused on how students defined quality teachers. Goldstone's research study involved the impact on student achievement when reading intervention teachers collaborated. Manning is studying the effects of parent education on student achievement. More information about TNPI is available on the Teachers Network's website, at http://teachersnetwork.org/tnli.

LAUSD teachers joined California Secretary of Education Kerry Mazzoni at the Teachers Network Policy Institute, which brings teachers and policymakers together to ensure that the teacher's voice is included in the development of education policy. Flanking Mazzonni (second from left) are (from left) Jill Manning (Lafayette Place), Jane Fung (Lafayette Place), and Lara Goldstone (Foshay Learning Center).


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