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Press Release: Teachers Network Publishes Professional Teachers Handbook


Teachers Network Publishes Professional Teachers Handbook

Title: Professional Teachers Handbook
Publisher: Teachers Network
Pub Date: January 2009
Trade Paperback
(bulk rates available)

NEW YORK, January 12, 2009
Teachers Network is proud to announce the publication of Professional Teachers Handbook, a practical how-to-guide—with real world, tried-and-true strategies and techniques—that all teachers will find incredibly useful in their everyday professional lives. The book will be the text for our online courses, now reaching hundreds of teachers across the country through our partnerships with Teachers College, Columbia University; University of San Diego; Nova Southeastern; and New York City Department of Education. 

Professional Teachers Handbook is authored by 51 teachers representing a wide range of subject areas and ability levels from urban, suburban, and rural elementary, middle, and secondary schools nationwide and are the consummate professionals who have taken the opportunity to share the best of what they have to offer from their years of experience in the classroom. 

The topics include aligning standards, curriculum, and assessment; the home-school connection; creative literacy, and much more.  It is perfect for the mid-career teacher seeking license renewal in conjunction with Teachers Network Online Courses, for the experienced teacher interested in a refresher, or veteran teachers who know that being a member of a dynamic profession requires keeping up with current thinking and practices in the field. 

About Teachers Network:
Teachers Network is a non-profit organization—by teachers, for teachers—with a 28-year track record of success, dedicated to improving student learning in public schools nationally and internationally.  Teachers Network is unique in its focus on professional development as the key to improving student achievement.  Using the power of an award-winning web site, videos, and print resources, Teachers Network leverages the creativity and expertise of a national and international community of outstanding educators.  Through its leadership, Teachers Network empowers teachers to transform public schools into creative learning communities.  http://teachersnetwork.org



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