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Press Release: Teachers Network Partners with Department of Education to Train 600 New Teachers

Teachers Network Partners with Department of Education to Train 600 New Teachers
Non-profit Education Organization Works with Citigroup to Prepare Teachers

New York, September 14, 2005 – To help prepare 100 new teachers who will be entering Region 9 this year, Teachers Network, a non-profit education organization, with support from the Citigroup Foundation, is launching its New Teacher Support Program in Manhattan while continuing to serve 500 new teachers in Brooklyn. This program, which launched in Region 8 last year and is now expanding to Region 9, aims to reduce New York City’s high teacher turn-over rate by providing essential support and resources to 600 beginning teachers.

“Scores of beginning teachers – potentially great educators – are fleeing the classroom at alarmingly high rates, often leaving behind the most vulnerable students. With alternative certification programs such as NYC Teaching Fellows, it is crucial to offer teachers extensive support as they start their journey in the classroom,” said Ellen Dempsey, CEO and President of Teachers Network and former public school teacher. “Our program provides invaluable resources such as lesson plans and instructional techniques as teachers face the daunting tasks of managing a classroom and navigating the public school system.”

New York City teachers of all grades can rely on the New Teacher Support Program materials for curriculum ideas, lesson plans, and assistance. New teachers in participating schools will receive Teachers Network’s proven teaching materials that were designed by teachers, for teachers. Materials include Teachers Network’s best-selling publication, the New Teachers Handbook and the accompanying CD-ROM set, Successful Teaching Practices in Action, available for both high school and elementary school teachers.

As part of the New Teacher Support Program, teachers are enrolled in the New Teacher On-Line Survival Courses, a series of five courses, facilitated by veteran teachers. Pre-approved by the New York City DOE, educators can access them from any computer and walk through the classes at their pace on their own time, an important feature during the chaotic first years in teaching. Teachers can also log on to http://teachersnetwork.org and ask questions to experienced professionals as well as access over 600 lesson plans and instructional units.

Teachers Network and Citigroup will host welcome receptions in October for Region 8 and Region 9 to provide the 600 new teachers with the opportunity to network with other educators and learn about the many resources available through the DOE-supported New Teacher Support Program.

About Teachers Network
Teachers Network is a non-profit organization—by teachers, for teachers—with a 25-year track record of success, dedicated to improving student learning in public schools nationally and internationally. Teachers Network is unique in its focus on professional development as the key to improving student achievement. Using the power of an award-winning web site, videos, and print resources, Teachers Network leverages the creativity and expertise of a national and international community of outstanding educators. Through its leadership, Teachers Network empowers teachers to transform public schools into creative learning communities. For more information about Teachers Network, go to http://teachersnetwork.org.



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