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NEW YORK, May 1, 2001

Teachers Network
is proud to announce the publication of HOW TO USE THE INTERNET IN YOUR CLASSROOM, a definitive guide for everyone grappling with the newest literacy-technology, and how to use it in the classroom. 

In 1996, we published the Teachers Guide To Cyberspace. Schools were only just gaining access to the Internet. We sold 15,000 books to teachers across the country, proving to be instrumental in helping teachers who had never before been online take that first leap. In keeping with the current climate in schools across America, we have now produced the follow-up: HOW TO USE THE INTERNET IN YOUR CLASSROOM

Times have changed since our first work on using the Internet in the classroom. These days, 90% of schools are connected-the issue is no longer access; it's how to successfully integrate the technology of new media into the classroom, and teachers are struggling. Most teachers are convinced that the Internet is an important tool for their classroom. Despite this, teachers report that they are not getting the most out of their Internet access. The National Center for Education Statistics states that teachers cite "a lack of release time to learn, practice, or plan ways to use. the Internet as a great barrier [to using the Internet in the classroom]." As Teachers Network stays at the forefront of providing invaluable information and resources for teachers, we're excited to publish this groundbreaking new work-in direct response to an articulated need by teachers from schools across the country and around the world for a guide to effectively using the Internet to improve student achievement. Teachers Network agrees with teachers that the best way for teachers to learn is through collaboration with other teachers. Ellen Meyers, Senior Vice President of Teachers Network, says, "What better way to help teachers with integrating technology into their curriculum than to go directly to some of those pioneering teachers who are creating new media classrooms? Listening to the teachers voice is crucial; teachers are telling us that they finally have access to the Internet in their schools, but they don't know how to ensure that they and their students get the most out of this new and valuable technology."

Created by 28 teachers spanning a wide geographic region-from Peru to California to Maine-and offering a variety of perspectives on teaching with the Internet, HOW TO USE THE INTERNET IN YOUR CLASSROOM is the 11th in our by teachers for teachers series. These net-savvy teachers offer their own classroom materials, lesson plans, web sites, and words of wisdom to assist other educators, ultimately increasing and fostering student achievement.

HOW TO USE THE INTERNET IN YOUR CLASSROOM is much bigger than this book. Teachers Network has additional resources available on our web site, http://teachersnetwork.org. Within the pages are numerous links that directly connect to fabulous online tools, lesson plans, templates, and examples to supplement this guide, not to mention an upcoming author tour-online!

Knowing that teachers know best about what teachers need, since the mid-80s Teachers Network has been producing the by teachers for teachers handbook series. HOW TO USE THE INTERNET IN YOUR CLASSROOM is an invaluable resource for all those involved with integrating new media into the classroom.

Teachers Network is a professional community of teachers and educators working together to improve student achievement. 


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