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New Teachers Handbook
With contributions from 45 experienced teachers, this book includes tips on standards and assessment, multiple intelligences, professional development, and time management. There's also a guide to professional organizations and resources, with advice on getting your money's worth. Also available, companion videos showing veteran teachers in action.

What every teacher needs to know about, the New Teachers Handbook includes: 

  • classroom management tips, including how to organize time, space, and materials;
  • strategies for aligning standards, curriculum, and assessment, including sample lesson plans and scoring rubrics;
  • a variety of teaching techniques for addressing different learning styles;
  • the do's and don'ts of dealing with families, including specific ways to develop partnerships with parents; 
  • a comprehensive list of organizations that offer free and inexpensive resources to teachers, including recommended web sites;
  • a special section on becoming a professional which encourages teachers to connect with mentors, collaborate with colleagues, and join professional associations to keep up-to-date.

Forty-five teachers representing expertise in all grade levels, K-12, and all subjects areas offer their expertise and insights in the New Teachers Handbook. These teachers, from urban, suburban, and rural school districts around the country, provide firsthand accounts of how to plan lessons that truly motivate students, how to integrate technology into the curriculum, and how to connect classroom studies with the "real world."

The New Teachers Handbook was published by the national, non-profit organization, IMPACT II—The Teachers Network. A prestigious group of educators, including school superintendents and university professors, served as advisors to the classroom teachers who authored the book. The book is a completely revised and updated version of a book that IMPACT II published 10 years ago under the same title. IMPACT II printed three editions of the original book and sold over 30,000 copies. Many school districts purchase the book on an annual basis for all incoming new teachers.

To order this book, please call The Teachers Network at (212) 966-5582, or simply order online.



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