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Improving Math & Science Learning:
Rain Forest Adventures



Baker, Jeannie, Where the Forest Meets the Sea, Greenwillow: 1988

Cherry, Lynne, The Great Kapok Tree, Harcourt Brace Javanovich: NY, 1990.

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Weir, Bob & Weir, Wendy, Panther Dream:  A Story of the African Rainforest, Hyperion Books for Children: NY, 1991.



Alais, Rodney, Ecology Watch:  Rain Forests, Dillon Press: NY, 1991.
Examines plant and animal life of the rainforest and the threats to their continued existence.

Banks, Martin, Conserving Rain Forests, Steck Vaughn: TX, 1989.
Describes the rapid rate which rain forests of world are being destroyed, the harm to plants, animals and humans and remedies for preserving rain forests.

Baptista, L.H., Discover Rain Forests, Publications International, Ltd: IL, 1992.
An easy to read, in depth book on plant and animal life in the rain forests.  Also discusses the layers of the rain forest, and their importance, the destruction of the rain forest and animal survival.

Caufield, Catherine, In the Rainforest, University of Chicago Press: IL,  1984
Excellent overview of rainforest ecology and a storehouse of fascinating facts.

Cobbs, Vicki, This Place is Wet, Walker & Co.: New York, 1992.
Describes environment, animals, plants, and people living in the rain forest.

Collins, Mark (ed), The Last Rain Forests - A World Conservation Atlas, Oxford University Press Inc.: NY, 1990.
One of the best books providing science, photographs, maps, and context in one well-illustrated volume.

Craig, Janet, Wonders of the Rain Forest, Troll Assoc.: NJ, 1990.
Discusses the animals and plants which give such color and beauty to tropical rain forests and jungles.

Cunningham, Antonia, Rainforest Wildlife, Usborne Pub. Ltd: England, 1993.
Abundant information about the plants, animals and people of the rainforest.

Dorros, Arthur, Rain Forest Secrets, Scholastic, Inc.: NY 1990.
The characteristics of various forms of plants and animal life and the destruction of the rain forests.

Dunphy, Madeline, Here is the Tropical Rain Forest, Hyperion Books for Children: NY, 1994.
Cumulative text with illustrative information on a journey through the rain forest.

Forsyth, Adrian, Journey Through a Tropical Jungle, Simon and Schuster: NY, 1989.
Journey through rain forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica with color photos of jungle life and the animals within.

Forsyth, Adrian, Portrait of the Rainforest, Camden House: Ontario, Canada, 1990.
Informative, richly written, lushly photographed book on South and Central American rainforests with with emphasis on Costa Rica and Peru.  Many animals in the Tropical Rainforest Food Web game are discussed and pictured.

Gibbons, Gail, Nature's Green Umbrella: Tropical Rain Forests, Morrow Junior Books: NY, 1994.
Easy reader with simple information for young children.  Introduces vocabulary, close up look of each rain forest layer, elements of the ecosystem named within animated sketches.

Goodman, B., The Rain Forest, Tern Enterprise Inc.: 1991.
Many photographs, discusses plant and animal life, layers of rain forest, deforestation and saving the rain forest.  Also includes large section of the peoples of the rain forest.  Discusses effect of global climate and the products derived from the rain  forest.

Hamilton, Jean, Tropical Rainforests, Blake Publishing: CA, 1990.
Informative magazine with beautiful photographs of plants and animals inhabiting the tropical rainforests.

Jeunesse, Gallimurd & Mettler, Rene,  The Rain Forest, Scholastic: NY, 1994.
Colorful overview with transparency overlays of the rain forest for young children.

Knapp, Brian, What Do We Know About Rain Forests?, Peter Bedrick Books: NY, 1991.
Geographic survey of the earth's rain forests, climate and ecological importance.  Usefulness of the trees, mining and farming in and around the rain forest.

Lessem, Don, Inside the Amazing Amazon, Crown Publishing: 1995
Dramatically illustrated, fold-out book depicting the layers of the Amazon rainforest.  Contains brief descriptions of the species(70 species in all of the plants and animals) that dwell in each layer.

Landau, Elaine, Tropical Rain Forests Around the World, Franklin Watts: NY, 1990.
Environmental conditions of the rain forests, plants, animals, and dangers of deforestation.

Lepthien, Emilie, Tropical Rainforests, Children's Press: Chicago, 1993.
Structure of rain forest, plant and animal life, climate, need for conservation.

Morrison, Marion, The Amazon Rain Forest and It's People, Thomson Learning: NY, 1993.
The rain forest's people, roads, colonists, timber, industry, mineral wealth, and energy.

Pratt,l Kristin Joy, A Walk in the Rainforest, Dawn Publications: CA, 1992.
Alphabet book with fantastic illustrations and wonderful factual details about the plants and animals and ecology of the rainforest.

Pulley Sayre, April, Tropical Rainforest, Twenty First Century Books, Division of Henry Holt Co.: NY, 1994
The tropical rainforest biome and rainforests of the neotropics.  The weather, climate, geology, plants, animals, community, people, and resources of the rainforests.  How to help conserve the rainforests.

Ross, Wilda, The Rain Forest: What Lives There?, Coward, McCann and Geoghegan Inc.: NY, 1977.
The vegetation and animals of the rainforest.

Taylor, Barbara, Rain Forest, DK Publishing, Inc.: NY, 1992.
Examines variety of life (fauna and flora) in a rainforest with close-up, mesmerizing photos.

Willow, Diane and Jaquest, Laura, At Home in the Rainforest, Charlesbridge Publisher: Mass., 1991.
Introduction to life in the Amazon Rainforest.

Yolen, Jane, Welcome to the Green House, The Putnam & Grosset Group: NY, 1997.
Poetic descriptions and captivating, realistic paintings draw the reader into the jungle as they learn about the plants and animals.

Teacher Resources

Albert, Toni, The Remarkable Rainforest, Trickle Creek Books, 1996.
From growing a mini-rainforest to making a paper bromeliad that holds a live tadpole, this book is filled with the activities including experiments, crafts, recipes, puzzles, riddles, mazes and quizzes designed to teach children about the rainforest.  Well-organized with useful resources.

Cook, Shirley, Rainforest, Incentive Publications, Inc.: TN, 1993.
Alphabetical resource with literature-based activities emphasizing creative and critical thinking skills and questions designed to stimulate student research.  Blackline reproducibles.

de Pauw, Debby, In the Rainforest - A Thematic Unit for Young Learners Gr. K-1, Evan-Moor Corp.: CA, 1993.

Johnston, Damian, Make Your Own Rain Forest, Lodestar Books: NY
3-D press-out rain forest model with detailed information of animals, birds, and plants, including brilliant color photos.

Kricher, John, Peterson Field Guide Coloring Books- Tropical Forests, Houghton Mifflin Co.: NY, 1991.

Morris, Joshua, Rain Forest Wildlife Up-Close Kit, Reader's Digest Association, Inc.: 1993.
Contains poster, nature-based game, brain-teaser and 3-D model.

National Wildlife Federation, Rain Forest Exploration Kit, Pequot Pub.: CT, 1994.
Contains poster, jigsaw, puzzle, exploration map, mobile, and 3-D adventure game.

The Nature Conservancy, Nature Cards- Tropical Forests, Houghton-Mifflin, Co.: NY, 1992.

Wildlife Conservation Society, Congo African Rain Forest Explorations, Curriculum packet for grades K-3, 1999.


Ranger Rick's NatureScope Series (1989), Rain Forests: Tropical Treasures and Endangered Species: Wild and Rare.

Wilson, E.O. (December, 1991), Rain Forest Canopy:  The High Frontier, National Geographic, Vol. 180, No. 6.


A World Alive (CD-ROM: Macintosh & Windows Systems)
Voyager: New York

Crystal Rain Forest - A Learning Adventure (CD-ROM: Macintosh)
Terrapin Software, Inc., 1994.

Rainforest Explorer (CD-ROM: Macintosh)
New Media Schoolhouse, 1995

The Amazon Trail (CD-ROM: Macintosh)
MECC, 1995


Rain Forest Rap         
World Wildlife Fund
1250 Twenty-Fourth Street, NW
Washington, DC  20037

Spirits of the Rainforest
Discovery Channel

Tropical Voyage
Save the Rainforest, Inc.
604 Jamie Street
Dodgeville, WI  53533
(608) 935-9435



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