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Sandy Scragg's Audio-Visual Resources for the Classroom

Teacher Training Home

Audio-Visual Resources for the Classroom

Audio Resources:

American Rhetoric: http://americanrhetoric.com/

Internet Archive: http://archive.org/audio
History & Politics Out Loud: http://hpol.org/

Salon Audio: http://salon.com/audio

NPR Archives: http://npr.org/archives

WWW Virtual Audio Library: http://archive.museophile.org/audio

Academy of American Poets' Listening Booth: http://poets.org/booth/booth.cfm

World Poetry Audio Library: http://english.eku.edu/Pellegrino/worldpoetry

History Channel's Speech Archive: http://historychannel.com/speeches

FindSounds: http://findsounds.com/

WAV Central: http://wavcentral.com/
Partners in Rhyme: http://partnersinrhyme.com/

NPR's Lost & Found Sound: http://npr.org/programs/lnfsound

Yahoo's Database of Audio Archives: http://dir.yahoo.com/Computers_and_Internet/Multimedia/Audio/Archives


Video Resources:

United Streaming: http://unitedstreaming.com/

Internet Archive: http://archive.org/movies

Prelinger Archive: http://archive.org/movies/prelinger.php

Open Video: http://openvideo.org/

Annenberg's Free Educational Videos: http://learner.org/

NY1: http://ny1.com/
WNBC's Feed Room: http://wnbc.com/feedroomvideo
IFILM: http://ifilm.com/

Yahoo's Database of Video Archives & Resources: http://dir.yahoo.com/computers_and_internet/multimedia/digital_video


Photo & Image Resources:

Google Images: http://google.com/imghp
Setting filtering for Google Images: http://google.com/preferences

NYPL Photographs: http://nypl.org/digital/digitalcoll_photographs.htm

NYPL Maps: http://nypl.org/digital/digitalcoll_maps.htm

Library of Congress Online Catalog: http://loc.gov/rr/print/catalog.html

Kids Click Image Search: http://kidsclick.org/psearch.html

Ebay: http://ebay.com/

News Snapshot from the New York Times: http://nytimes.com/learning/teachers/snapshot/index.html

Clip Art for Educators: http://awesomeclipartforeducators.com/

Ted Nellen's Graphics Page: http://tnellen.com/pics

Oswego City 's Photo Archive: http://oswego.org/staff/cchamber/photoa/index.cfm


General Multimedia Resources:

American Social History Project's Center for Media & Learning: http://ashp.cuny.edu/

Teachers' Domain: http://teachersdomain.org/

Creative Commons: http://creativecommons.org/

New York Times' Multimedia Page: http://nytimes.com/pages/multimedia/index.html

Center for History and New Media: http://chnm.gmu.edu/projects.php

Library of Congress' Digital Collections: http://loc.gov/library/libarch-digital.html

Library of Congress' Online Exhibits: http://loc.gov/exhibits

NYPL's Audio/Visual Media Collections: http://nypl.org/digital/digitalcoll_audiovisual.htm


Tutorials to Learn More:

Digital Cameras: http://webteacher.org/winexp/digital/digital.html

Scanners: http://webteacher.org/winexp/scanners/scanners.html

Fun With Photos: http://oswego.org/staff/cchamber/funphotos

iLife How-Tos: http://education.apple.com/education/ilife/howto

iPhoto Support: http://apple.com/support/iphoto

iMovie Support: http://apple.com/support/imovie

iDVD Support: http://apple.com/support/idvd

Garage Band Support: http://apple.com/support/garageband

iTunes Support: http://apple.com/support/itunes


Articles & Ideas:

Why Use Visuals, Video and Multimedia in the Classroom? http://teach-nology.com/tutorials/visuals

iLife in the Classroom: http://education.apple.com/education/ilife

Digital Divide or Media Divide? Competing with MTV & Nintendo: http://bcis.pacificu.edu/journal/2003/08/schaefer/schaefer.php

Digital Media in the Classroom: http://techlearning.com/digitalmedia


Capturing Audio/Video:

Snapz Pro X (Mac): http://ambrosiasw.com/utilities/snapzprox

Snag It (PC): http://techsmith.com/products/snagit
NOTE: These are not free programs, but y
ou can download 30-day free trial versions of each.



Visit Sandy's Teacher Tech Training Page: http://sandyscragg.com/training
Go to my HomePage: http://sandyscragg.com/
See my list of great links for teachers: http://sandyscragg.com/internet.htm



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