Instructions for Section Four:
If you would like some extra information about the Guerrilla Girls,
you can also look at the "Guerrilla Girl's Extra Links."
Do not click on any links outside of the Web sites ----- if
you need to get back to this page, click the back button.
Section Four: "Guerrilla Girl's Extra Links"
Extra Link #1
Extra Link #2
Present your views in a letter:
When you have gone through all of the steps, you will need to write a letter to your

Each of you will need to compose a letter (typed) to your art teacher. Keep in mind that
you may not have read the same thing that other students in the room have read. Each
person is going to have a different view, and different ideas about what could be done in
the art room. Support your views with three convincing points (a persuasion letter). In
this letter, you will need to select one option below:
1. Explain to your teacher the Guerrilla Girls' views, 
whether you agree or not, and why.
2. Explain to your teacher how you feel about the Guerrilla Girls
(do you like them, yes, no, why, why not).
3. Tell your teacher if you would like to see some changes in the art
classroom, about the artists that you study, and why.
3. Debate and Discuss What You've Learned
Each one of you will have a chance to read your letter in front of a group of
your peers. The peers will not be from this class but from a class that does not
know anything about the Guerrilla Girls and their issues. They will ask you
questions and make a decision based on your argument whether they agree with
you or not.
If you have e-mail or chat room access, please click here to go to step #5.

Congratulations, you have just finished your WebQuest. How do you feel? Do you feel
like you have accomplished something? Please remember that there are injustices going on all
the time in the world today -- what or who is going to change the world? You? Would you
like a say in the world that you live in? Then you need to take a stand, be true to what you
believe in, and do something about it -- in a positive way.