5. You Might Want to Mail Your Opinions to the World
Once you have reached a decision about the situation you could send your
ideas out into the world. You can send more than one letter to one of the
sites below to present your viewpoint.
Possible Sources for Real World Feedback
Use one or all of the following links to help you find out about your representatives and
how to contact them. If possible get both e-mail and snail mail addresses.
Liszt: Directory of E-Mail List Servers
Subscribe to a list related to your topic. Learners can lurk, then join the discussion.
Web 66 International WWW Schools Registry
Connect to a school where students might know more about the topic of your WebQuest.
Teacher Contact Database
Search for teachers to work with by content area, grade level or expertise.
International Schools
Partner with a school where students might want to get involved in your topic.
Pitsco's Launch to Asking An Expert!
Link to an expert in a field related to your WebQuest.
ZipTo It
A handy way to contact members of the U.S. Congress.