Different Perspectives
Here is one more link that you might be interested in . . .
Different Perspectives on Different Chicano(a) Artists
Section Four: Creating the Logo
Now that you have done your research, it is time for you to create your logo.
Remember, your assignment is to create a logo that represents the Chicana Heritage.
Use the important passages that you copied and pasted in your word document to help
you create images for the logo. You will either create a protest logo, or a persuasion
logo about the Chicana Heritage.

C,H,I.C. will be using this logo on T-Shirts, posters, stickers, billboards, and on
anything else that they can use for advertisement.
Task #1 Create an original logo either using the Protest or Persuasion links. This
either needs to be drawn on paper (filling up the whole page), or drawn on the
computer (filling up the whole screen).
Task #2 After you have created an original logo, you will print your logo in the
art room. Your teacher will instruct you on how to do this.
If you have E-Mail or chat room access, please click here to go to Section #5.
So, how was your life as a Graphic Designer? Is your boss pleased with
your work? Do you think that C.H.I.C. is happy with their product?
What do you think about Chicana Art? Did you know anything about
Chicana Art before this WebQuest journey?

Each one of us comes from a different background and heritage. Learn
about your heritage, and your friend's heritage. Each one of us is
differnt in our own way, so be proud of who you are, and share your
pride with others.