The Big Assignment
Now that you know what kind of job you have, and what is expected of
you, your first assignment is as follows:

You have been hired by C.H.I.C. to create a logo that celebrates the
Chicana culture.
Instructions for Section Two:

Look at the following sites in Section Two that deal with Chicana Art. Look for
underlying themes that may emerge from Chicana Art. How do you think that
they get their point across?
In this section, you do not need to click on any links outside of the Web site. Please
stay on the page that you go to first.
Influences of Gender and the Southwest
A Chicana's Role in Her Family
An Introduction: One Famous Chicana Artist
Instructions for Section Three:
I hope that you have discovered some important underlying themes in Chicana art.
Now it is time to choose a path that you think would best suit your logo

You have two choices: Protest or Persuasion.

If you think that your logo might represent an injustice, choose Protest.

If you think that your logo might represent a positive quality, choose Persuasion.