4. The Project
Instructions for Section Four:
In this section you will be asked to do a number of tasks in order to create your
own original artwork. During each task, please keep in mind important ideas or
symbols that you have discovered through this WebQuest.

Each of you will need to create a dinner place setting inspired by a woman that you
admire. You will first need to choose a woman who you know and look up to.
Second, you will need to use your list of 20 questions to ask her. Third you will
need to "interview" her, ask your questions, and write down her answers. Last you
will need to take her answers and imagine symbols for her answers to create a
bowl, mug, and a spoon using those symbols that represent her.
Section Four: Her Place Setting
Every one must complete each task in order.

Task #1 Create 20 question to ask her (typed).

Task#2 Ask her your questions, and write down her answers.

Task#3 Create a drawing of a bowl, mug, and spoon using her "symbolic answers."
After all 3 tasks are completed, each of you will create your place settings
out of clay, in the art room.
If you have e-mail or chat room access, please click here to go to step #5.
Congratulations, you have just finished your WebQuest. How do you feel? Do you feel like
you have experienced history in the making? Please remember that you may not be learning
everything in your classes at school. Keep asking questions, and always keep in mind that
every one should be treated fairly, and with respect. Would you want your place in history
to be taken away because of your gender?
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