Lesson Four, "Museum Hopping" an On-line Dig, field trip and Treasure Hunt

Instructional Objectives

Time Required

Advance Preparation

Materials / Resources Required  



 Museum Treasure Hunt Questions (On-Line Dig) and Responses (answer key)


  1. Using the  Museums "Hot List," students will explore a variety of collections, exhibits, and displays from around the world. 

    2.   Duplicate the Treasure Hunt Worksheet

    3.   Students in pairs or triads, use the internet to move from exhibit to exhibit

    4.  Each student or pair completes the Worksheet, answering  questions for each site.

Extensions or Follow-up


        1.    Choose a Language and experience the Historical timeline of Guelph, from village to city.

        2.    Move through history from 1770 into the future.

        3.    Listen to "Children’s Stories," told by children representing the following time periods: 1809 Mississauga native, 1886 Settler, 1900 Victorian, 1942 Modern, and  into the Future.


Illustrative Materials, On-line dig Worksheet"Hot List",    On-Line Dig,   answer key

Evaluation, completion of the "On-Line Dig" worksheet

"On-Line Dig,"  Worksheet Evaluation*:
Complete Worksheet, 95-100% accurate. Exceeds Expectations 19-20 Points A+
Complete Worksheet, 85-94% accurate.

Complete Worksheet, 75-84% accurate.

Meets Expectations 17-18 Points

16-15 Points



Complete Worksheet, 65-74% accurate. Minimal Effort 13-14 Points C
Incomplete Worksheet, 55-64%accurate. Needs Improvement  12 Points or less D

                        *(Points are suggested, may be modified as necessary)



Time Line

Introductory Lesson

"My Gatherings"

Creating a Collection


Lesson Two

Vocabulary Treasure Hunt

Digital Reference Desk


Lesson Three

 Organizing My Collection

Sort and Classify


Lesson Four

"Virtual Museum Tour"

On-Line Dig


Lesson Five

Classroom Mini Museum

Showcasing Collections