Nutrition I.Q.


This unit is designed for 7th or 8th grade students.


Time Frame

Flexible in time, minimum of four class periods, maximum of ten class periods with time for students to complete activities on an individual basis.


Nutrition I.Q. is a comprehensive unit in which Junior High students are provided with the tools and fact-finding opportunities necessary to make wise food choices in their daily living. Students truly enjoy this Unit as well as develop an understanding of how their food choices impact their body and overall health. It is a true "eye-opener
for many students.

The Lessons


Lesson 1

The Research

Students review articles of interest to them about nutrition, food choices or weight. Students will complete reviews of the articles and begin to focus their own personal nutrition plan.


Software/Materials Used

You will need to have computers with internet access for students to complete activities. It is possible to utilize student experts or teacher downloaded information packets for research activities.


Overall Value

Using a learn-by-doing philosophy, students become actively engaged in evaluating their own personal nutrition habits and making a healthy plan for themselves.

Lesson 2

Personal Analysis

Using internet quizzes, students evaluate themselves in terms of percent of body fat, diet and food I.Q. to further evaluate their own nutrition needs.

Lesson 3

Restaurant/Food I.Q.

Students review food items and complete a nutritional analysis of items they commonly consume.

Lesson 4

Putting A Personal Plan Together

Students write a five-day personal nutrition plan which they are encouraged to follow. Students complete an reflection/evaluation of the unit. They also complete a personal and peer assessment of their portfolio.