Calorie: A unit of measure, like and inch or pound. Calories measure the amount of energy your body gets from food.

Body Mass Index (BMI) Is a measure of body fat based on height and weight.

Fat A concentrated form of energy. Fat provides 9 calories per gram, more than twice as much energy as protein and carbohydrate.

Carbohydrate The body's most readily available source of energy. Each gram of carbohydrate provides 4calories of energy.

Protein A major component of all body tissue. Your body needs protein to grow and repair itself, and is also a necessary component of hormones, enzymes and hemoglobin.

Lesson 4

Putting a Personal Plan Together

Instructional Objective

In this lesson, students consider all the information they have accumulated during the unit and create a healthy nutrition plan for a five-day week, Monday through Friday.

Time Required

A minimum of one fifty-minute class period for explanation and demonstration of how to complete the meal plan. This often allows time for students to begin completing their plan with supervision. I allow 3 days for the plan, 5 days to execute the plan and 2 days for review.


You may assign points for this assignment which meet your needs. As a part of the nutrition portfolio, I assign 80 points for the plan (5 points per meal for 15 meals and 1 point per daily snack for 5 points).


Connecting Prior Knowledge/Experience/Learning

This lesson begins with the teacher reminding students to reflect on the study and information they have compiled to date. I often ask for comments or discussion items.

Guided Practice

Teacher demonstrates how to complete the 5-Day Menu Plan, Assessment and Evaluation/Reflection Forms. This can be done in three separate class periods to avoid confusion.

Individual Practice/Homework

Students complete their 5-Day Menu Plan and are encouraged to implement it for the following week. At weeks' end, students are asked to complete their Evaluation/Reflection Form and begin the process of putting together their Nutrition Portfolio. Students are given their Assessment in advance so they may be most successful in accurate completion of the assignment. I spend a day having students explain and evaluate each others portfolios. This activity is fun for everyone.


Teacher may ask for daily progress reports and class discussion about adhering to the Nutrition Plans. Students may be encouraged to keep a daily journal about thoughts and feelings. This journals can be incorporated into the portfolio for credit or extra credit.

Advance Preparation/Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills/Illustrative Materials

Teacher will need to copy the 5-Day Menu Plan Form and distribute to the students. I usually give students a copy of the Assessment at this time, as well as the Evaluation/Reflection Form, and Unit Assessment.

Teacher may wish to make an overhead of completed forms as examples for the students.