Freckle Juice - Lesson 7

Objective: Students will be able to:

* identify vocabulary

* put the story in sequential order

* read and organize information for a variety of purposes, including making a report


* Sentence strips (story events from the story)

* Worksheet (vocabulary test)

* Worksheet (comprehension test)

* Worksheet (book review)

* Worksheet (sequencing)

* Computer with Internet and word processing

Working with words: Vocabulary to be covered within assessment

Activity: The teacher will...

1. begin lesson by reviewing vocabulary words and definitions

2. administered vocabulary test (10 minutes)

3. review story by giving 10 different students sentence strips that depict events from the story

4. have students place them in sequential order and discuss

5. have the students complete a worksheet on sequencing (15 minutes)

5. administered comprehension test (30 minutes)

6. pair up students to complete a book review activity using their book (30 minutes)

7. have the students complete a worksheet on Book Review. (print out the worksheet and complete it)

8. allow students to share their responses with another pair

9. if time permits allow 2-3 pairs to share their responses

Evaluation: Students will participate in review, complete assessment and book review activity.

Home Learning:

* Students will complete a worksheet on "I'm glad I'm me".  They are going to write about some things they like about themselves, their families, and their neighborhood.

* Students will continue to work and finish their book report.

***Field Trip: Visit local library and have a librarian read aloud stories written by Judy Blume.***


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