Freckle Juice - Lesson 4


Objective: Students will be able to:

* use simple strategies to determine meaning and increase vocabulary for reading including the use of multiple meaning, synonyms, antonyms and word relations

* determine the main idea, identify relevant supporting details, and facts


* Book:  Freckle Juice by Judy Blume

* White piece of paper

* Chart Paper

* Computer with Internet and word processing

* Worksheet (vocabulary)

* Worksheet (comprehension/vocabulary test)

Vocabulary: ambulance, appendicitis, stomach, sensible, dropout

Working with words: The teacher will introduce compound words by writing sample on the board, then monitor as students make a list of compound words they find in chapter four.  Students will go online to Quia-Compound or Quia-Compound Words and complete activities on compound words.

Activity: The teacher will...

1. begin lesson by having the students share their prediction of chapter four. (enter predictions into computer-generated journal)

2. do a class survey to find out how many are left-handed and how many are right-handed and make a class chart to show the results

3. have the students answer the following questions to go along with the chart: What is the total for left-handed and right-handed? and Are there more girls or boys that are left-handed or right-handed?

4. review vocabulary words and definitions from chapter three

5. introduce new vocabulary words and definitions for chapter four

6. give each student a white piece of paper, and have them fold it into eight pieces. (students can also use word processing and create a table with two columns and four rows for their boxes; then type, add clip art and graphics)

7. have students write each vocabulary word, definition and illustration in each box

8. read and discuss chapter four

9. have the students go on line to The Dictionary Plus to find synonyms and antonyms for their vocabulary words

10. have the students go online to do a vocabulary activity, print out the worksheet and complete it

Evaluation: Students will do a mini-test on vocabulary/comprehension on chapter 1-3, work on their personality panorama and answer the following questions on chapter four:

* Why do you think Mrs. Marcus went crazy when she saw the mess? Explain.

* What changes would you make in the story so that Andrew wouldn't get sick?

* Why do you think Judy Blume, the author, called Andrew medicine "The pink stuff that tasted like peppermint", instead of calling it medicine?

* Describe Andrew's nightmares.  What did they mean?

Home Learning:

* Students will use word processor to type their vocabulary words in ABC order and write a sentence for each word.

* Students will go online to Puzzle Maker to create a word search puzzle with their vocabulary words.

* Students will go online to do a comprehension activity, print out the worksheet and complete it.

* Write a prediction for chapter five.


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