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About Us
About Us

Begun in 1985, the The Education Fund's mission is to design, shape and implement initiatives that involve the private sector in bringing excellence to public education. The Ed Fund's initiatives encourage the development and dissemination of innovative classroom curriculum by teachers, provide material resources to classrooms, improve library/media centers, promote information and computer literacy among students and their families, and foster teacher leadership in schools.

The AT&T TeachNet Project in Miami:

  • identifies teachers and other educators to serve as in-school trainers, called TeachNet Mentors 
  • conducts in-school training with teams of teachers in all subject areas 
  • funds and organizes training time, materials and resources for each school 
  • facilitates the development of prototype technology curriculum projects that improve student learning 
  • publishes catalogs featuring the prototype technology curriculum projects and distributes these materials toe encourage other teachers to adapt the projects 
  • develops an online database of technology rich curriculum projects available to teachers and students nationally and internationally 
  • creates an online and offline professional community of teachers who are successfully using new technologies to increase student achievement