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Technology Training Sites and Technology Teams

Bel-Aire Elementary
10205 SW 194th St.
Miami, FL 33157
Principal: Melvin Dennis
Contact: Dr. Barbara Moller

Built in 1969 and located in the Perrine-Cutler Ridge area, Bel-Aire Elementary's classrooms were constructed in pod configuration. Portable classrooms have been added to the campus as the school population has grown. New construction is underway and, when complete, will comprise a new media center, art and music site, two primary classrooms, and a physical education shelter.

Number of Students: 689
Number of Teachers: 42
Grade Levels: Pre-K-5th Grade
% Free/Reduced Lunch: 88%

Technology Team: Kim Hammon*, Mario Rivera

Fienberg Fisher Elementary
1420 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Principal: Dr. Grace Nebb
Contact: Bryna Berman

Fienberg Fisher Elementary and Adult Center is an intergenerational hub of learning. All day, every day, infants enrolled in the RainDrop daycare center, 3-year-olds in the Head Start program, 4-year-olds in the Pre-K, elementary students in K-6, and adults in adult vocational education programs are engaged in meaningful educational experiences. This full-service school embraces the Corner philosophy and dedicates itself to meeting the needs of all of its students by working in partnership with parents and community resources.

Number of Students: 838
Number of Teachers: 62
Grade Levels: Pre-K-6th Grade
% Free/Reduced Lunch: 92%

Technology Team: Morris Gil*

Charles R. Hadley Elementary
8400 NW 7th St.
Miami, FL 33126
Principal: Felicia Gil
Contact: Dr. Percy Villaverde

Built in 1986 to serve the community, the majority of the students and parents at Charles R. Hadley Elementary are Limited English Proficient (LEP). The school's mission is to prepare students and their parents for an ever-changing world.

Number of Students: 1,279
Number of Teachers: 46
Grade Levels: Pre-K-5th Grade
% Free/Reduced Lunch: 72%

Technology Team: Ann Stephenson*, Juan Fuentes

Lorah Park Elementary
5160 NW 31st Ave.
Miami, FL 33142
Principal: Mattye Jones
Contact: Sally M. Hutchings

With a staff of 60 adults, the adult-pupil ratio offers optimal opportunity to serve children effectively. The mission of the school is to prepare students for academic and vocational success in the 21st Century.

Number of Students: 572
Number of Teachers: 30
Grade Levels: Pre-K-5th Grade
% Free/Reduced Lunch: 78%

Technology Team: Rosa Sampedro*

Southside Bilingual Elementary
45 SW 13th St.
Miami, FL 33130
Principal: Maria S. Gonzalez

Southside Bilingual Elementary is located near downtown Miami in a diverse community of semi-skilled blue collar workers. Southside faculty is actively involved in restructuring the delivery of the curriculum with a keen awareness of the community and the students served.

Number of Students: 418
Number of Teachers: 30
Grade Levels: Pre-K-5th Grade
% Free/Reduced Lunch: 97%

Technology Team: Rosa Duarte*

*Team Leader