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Other Project Ideas
The following projects are being developed by the TeachNet Technology Teams to demonstrate how to integrate technology into the curriculum. Three of these projects will be disseminated nationally in September of this year.

A Cultural Celebration
Norland Elementary

Personal pride and a sense of mystery collide as students research the history of their cultural holidays. Students are keeping a daily electronic journal on the way their families celebrate each holiday and the events that take place. Students are also using the Internet to explore how others celebrate the same holidays.

In celebrating the history of family tradition, students learn to celebrate themselves. At the end of the project, students create t-shirts promoting themselves using a digital camera and scanner.

Technology used: Word processing program, Internet access, digital camera, scanner

Adventure Tales
Miami Gardens Elementary

Students in this classroom are given the opportunity to let their imaginations soar as they write their own thematic adventure. Working with their peers, they write and publish, via HyperStudio, a book to present to their parents, teachers and members of the business community.

This course includes a field trip to a local publisher and printer to give students first-hand exposure to the real workplace, career opportunities and the steps taken to produce a final publication.

Technology used: Word processing program, presentation software, graphic illustration, spreadsheets

Black Beans and Rice for the Spirit
Kinloch Park Elementary

Remember the days when families sat around the living room telling stories and sharing their lives? Well, in today's hectic society parents have little time to get involved in their children's education, much less share stories of days gone by. These students and their parents are making the time to work together to preserve their family stories. However, this is the '90s and the family computer is what they are gathering around!

At the end of this project, the students' work will be published in a literary anthology entitled Black Beans and Rice for the Spirit. The books will be sold and the proceeds will be used to fund the project for the following school year.

Technology used: Word processing program, graphic illustration, scanner

Greetings Galore
Lorah Park Elementary

"You've Got Mail." Who doesn't like to see these words when they log onto the Internet to get their e-mail? These students are learning the art of caring as they create letters, cards, and various other greetings to pass on to others via the Internet.

Greetings Galore not only enhances students' computer literacy skills, proofreading and editing skills and creative abilities, it also provides a venue for an intergenerational exchange between students and community members.

Technology used: Word processing program, graphic illustration, Internet access

South Florida's Hot Spots for Kids
Bel Aire Elementary

Where would you like to go next? Underprivileged elementary students are having their eyes opened to various "hot spots" in South Florida - thanks to the Internet! Students and their parents are taken on virtual vacations to tourist sites through literature and World Wide Web virtual tours.

Once their vacations are complete, the students enter into the world of publishing as they research, write, design and print a pamphlet describing the children's tourist spots they have visited. All aboard!!

Technology used: Word processing program, scanner, presentation software, Internet access

The Adventures of Frisco and Gordie
Southside Elementary

Frisco and Gordie are endangered animals who came to the school looking for a new home. The students' mission is to find a suitable new home for their new school mascots.

Students "scout out" various locations on the Internet and learn about the country's food, music, currency, economics, habitat, and weather. As they search, students find out more about other endangered animals and work on offering solutions to their plight. At the end of the semester, each group of students compiles a HyperStudio presentation to showcase their findings.

Technology used: Word processing program, Internet access, presentation software

To Free or Not to Free
Fienberg Fisher Elementary

To Free or Not to Free Lolita (the killer whale at the Miami Seaquarium) is the question that will turn 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders and their families into informed community activists! Students will hone their critical thinking skills as they acquire, process and present data about Lolita and her future.

Students will apply their technology skills to search the Internet, prepare databases and design a computer generated presentation to convince the community to free or not to free Lolita. In the process, these predominantly minority students and their immigrant families will experience the democratic process and learn the rights and responsibilities of community involvement.

Technology used: Word processing program, database, Internet access