Illustrated Children's Books

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This unit of study is designed to introduce students to the concept of "Illustration" as applied to books for young children.   Introductory focus is on illustrators who have earned the distinction of having their work recognized with the Caldecott Award.  Many of the books on the Caldecott list are titles students recognize from their own childhood, giving them more of a relationship with the project.

In addition to addressing Visual Arts skills, the activities reinforce:

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National and State of NC Art Education Goals:

Goal 1 (Sub goals: all )  Develop critical and creative thinking skills and perceptual awareness necessary for understanding and producing art  (NC Goal)
Goal 2 (Sub goals:  all )  Develop skills necessary for understanding and applying media, techniques, and processes.
Goal 3 (Sub goals:  all)  Recognize, apply and evaluate the design principles used in composition.
Goal 4 (Sub goals:  all)  Choose and evaluate a range of subject matter and ideas to communicate intended meaning in art work.
Goal 5 (Sub goals:  1,2,3)  Understand the visual arts in relation to history and culture
Goal 6 (Sub goals:  1-3,6,8)  Reflect upon and assess the characteristics and merits of their work and the work of others.
Goal 7 (Sub goals:  1,2,5)  Perceive connections between visual arts and other disciplines
Goal 8 (Sub goals:  all)  Develop an awareness of art as a profession  (NC Goal)


The Teacher will ...

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References & Resources:

The Art of Eric Carle (Philomel Books)
The Art of Making Paste Papers (Watson Guptil)
Bookworks (Watson Guptil)
Cover to Cover (Lark Books)
Encyclopedia of Papermaking & Bookbinding (Running Press)
Unique Handmade Books (Sterling)


Review Color Mixing Terminology

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