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Congratulations! You have won the lottery. You get to plan a trip anywhere in the world for you and one other person. 

Your continent team will  select different countries and a specific city to travel to. 

You will develop a travel presentation for an overseas destination of your choice.

You continent team will:


Select key countries on your continent


Support one another in research.


Review progress and monitor rubric.


Rehearse and present final travel presentations as a team.

You will need to:


Select a travel location and plan out the travel to and from your location.


Research the history, culture and geography.


Plan a two day travel schedule to select tourist spots.


Budget the food and lodging using a spreadsheet.


Develop a final presentation: brochure, poster, TV or Radio ad.


To plan your trip you need to research your location and answer specific questions. We encourage you to use our link to Word Central's Student Dictionary or to use a classroom dictionary when reading through web pages.  Using your research you will make the critical decisions that will help your trip be successful. Click on the graphic to reach the research questions.
Travel Planning
Will you take a plane, train or boat to your destination? How will you get from your home to your departure point? How will you travel around once you get there? Will you need a passport or VISA? Be sure to gather schedule and cost information and use a spreadsheet.
Click HERE for research guide.

Food Lodging
Where will you and your friend stay during your trip? Where will you eat? What unique foods or dishes are available? How much will it cost you each day? Some inexpensive hotels and restaurants are cheap for a reason. What is the average cost you will spend each day? 
Click HERE for research guide.

History & Geography
What are the most important events in history? What current history is being made? How is the city different from the country side? What geographic elements helped make the city's appearance unique? What activities are available in nature? 
Click HERE for research guide.

Culture & Traditions
What language is spoken and what is the native dress? How can you learn the language? Do you need to convert you U.S. currency into the local currency. What types of churches or religious institutions can you see?
  Click HERE for research guide.

Final Presentation


A two page report including: history, geography, culture, and current issues.


Travel, room and board costs and schedule.


A two day tourist schedule


An accurate bibliography with all sources.


A creative, neat and professional  presentation.

Travel Web Links

CIA Factbook

National Geographic Map Machine

Lonely Planet


Country Facts World Facts

Yahoo Travel - Destination

World Factbook

Encarta Encyclopedia

The Weather Channel

Expedia Travel

Travel Costs


Money Exchange Rates

Connecticut Digital Library
This link works at Duffy School or by using your 
Connecticut library  card number as your ID

Try Some of These Search Engines for More Information

Yahooligans! - Ask Jeeves for Kids! - KidsClick!  


Use the following rubric to self-evaluate your  project. Keeping this rubric in-mind during your research, planning and writing will help ensure your team gets the best grade possible. Throughout this WebQuest remember to follow the "Student's Rights and Responsibilities". Your team's success depends on working cooperatively and being focused.


Congratulations! You have now planned your first overseas trip and used your extensive knowledge about the Internet to make wise  choices. Hopefully this Trip Planning WebQuest has taught you valuable lessons and has given you insight into how education applies to almost everything we do. 

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Introduction Task Questions Web links Evaluation Teacher's Page Conclusion