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Travel Planning  Questions to consider
Will you take a plane, train or boat to your destination? How will you get from your home to your departure point? How will you travel around once you get there? Will you need a passport or VISA? Be sure to gather schedule and cost information and use a spreadsheet.


 Food Lodging - Questions to consider
Where will you and your friend stay during your trip? Where will you eat? What unique foods or dishes are available? How much will it cost you each day? Some inexpensive hotels and restaurants are cheap for a reason. What is the average cost you will spend each day? 


History & Geography - Questions to consider
What are the most important events in history? What current history is being made? How is the city different from the country- side? What geographic elements helped make the city's appearance unique? What activities are available in nature? 



Culture & Traditions - Questions to consider
What language is spoken and what is the native dress? How can you learn the language? Do you need to convert you U.S. currency into the local currency. What types of churches or religious institutions can you see?











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