The Dinner Party WebQuest
"Because we are denied knowledge of our history, we are deprived of standing upon
each other's shoulders and building upon each other's hard earned accomplishments.
Instead we are condemned to repeat what others have done before us and thus we
continually reinvent the wheel. The goal of the Dinner Party is to break this cycle."

--Judy Chicago
Question and Task
Who is Judy Chicago? What does her statement above mean? Is she saying that we
are not taught important things in our history classes? And exactly what is this
"Dinner Party"?

During this WebQuest, you will find all of the answers to these questions, and some
answers to questions that you might have as well. You will also be asked to enter
into the mind and life of Judy Chicago, and to create an original work of art.
Process and Resources
Each of you will be clicking on links that will take you to articles about Judy Chicago.
Everyone will start out reading the same thing, individually you will have to choose your
own path, and read articles that will help you in your project. Keep in mind that each
article that you read is available to anyone, and everyone who wants to read it. These
are real Web sites. As you read that article, you will need to find interesting or
important passages, highlight and paste them in a Word document. You might find a few
pictures that "speak" to you in this project. You may print out 2 or 3 images that you
feel like will help you. The images and passages that you collect will be used to create
a dinner place setting (more details will come later). Some reading may be challenging,
however, you can look up unfamiliar words in the Online Dictionary to help you
interpret the meaning.
1. Background: Something for Everyone
Everyone will need to read the Section One sites about Judy Chicago. It does
not matter where you begin. When you feel that you have found something
important, you will need to highlight, copy, and paste this into a Word program.
Be sure that you also copy the URL (address) of the website, so if you need to
go back, you will know where to go.
Read about Judy Chicago, and figure out these things:

1. Who is Judy Chicago,
2. What kind of artwork does she do.
3. and what is her reason for creating art.
Instructions for Section One
Section One provides a group of links to articles that will help you answer these questions.
If you do not understand a word, please use the Online Dictionary, or one that is in the
computer room.
Section One: Who is this Lady?
#1 Biography of Judy Chicago
#2 The Life and Work of Judy Chicago
#3 Smith College commencement speech given by Judy Chicago
Go to Section Two
Remember --- Do not click on any links outside of the Web
site. Stay only on the page that you are directed.
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