You are sitting at your table, doing your artwork in the art room ----- a typical day in art
class. As you are working and talking with your friends, you notice someone or
something strange out of the corner of your eye. You hear someone else in the class
say, "Hey, what's that? What is going on?" You look up and see a girl coming in the art
room, wearing a guerrilla mask, and carrying bananas and papers. The girl immediately
hands out bananas to your classmates, and announces to the class that the Guerrilla
Girls are officially protesting the art class
. She continues to say that your art teacher,
has been found guilty of teaching Dead European White Male art.

The "Guerrilla Girl" hands some papers to your teacher, and leaves the room. Every one
in the room is confused about what just went on, and a lot of your friends think that the
whole thing is weird and funny. You look at your banana, and notice that it has a
message on it. It says, "Do women have to be naked to get into museums?" You grab
your neighbor's banana, and notice that it has a different message on it. You ask your
self, "What's the deal?" Every one in the classroom is in shock about what just
happened. You feel like you are in some sort of weird dream.
Question and Task
You (and your classmates) will be going on a WebQuest to find out about what is
happening. You will need to find out what just happened in your art class, and decide
for yourself how you feel about it. By the time you finish the WebQuest, you should be
able to know how you feel about art by women and diverse cultures, and whether you
want your art curriculum to change or not.
The Process and Resources
Each of you will be clicking on links that will take you to articles about the Guerrilla
Girls. Everyone will start out reading the same thing, individually you will have to
choose your own path, and read articles that will help you in your project. Keep in mind
that each article that you read is available to anyone, and everyone who wants to read
it. These are real Web sites. As you read the articles, you will need to find interesting
or important passages, highlight and paste them in a Word document. You will use these
passages in your letter that you will write to your art teacher. Some reading may be
challenging, however, you can look up unfamiliar words in the online dictionary to help
you interpret the meaning.
1. Background: Something for Everyone

Everyone will need to read the Section One sites about the Guerrilla Girls. It does not
matter where you begin. When you feel that you have found something interesting, or
important, you will need to highlight, copy and paste this into a Word program (these
will be your notes). Be sure that you also copy the URL (address) of the Web site, so
if you need to go back, you will know where to go.
Read about the Guerrilla Girls, and figure out three things:

(1) who they are,
(2) what they do, and
(3) why they do it.
Section one provides a group of links to articles that will answer these questions for you.
If you do not understand a work, please use the online dictionary, or one that is in the
computer room.
Do not click on any links outside of the Web sites ----- if you need to get
back to this page, click the back button.
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Section One: Who are the Guerrilla Girls?
Instructions for Section One: