4. The Project
In this section you will be asked to so a number of tasks in order to create your
own original CyberBody. During each task, please keep in mind different
identities that you have discovered through this WebQuest.
Each of you will need to create a CyberBody Self-Sculpture. Follow the steps
in section four, and create your CyberBody Self-Sculpture in Painter.
Section Four: CyberBody Self-Sculpture
1. Select phrases, words, and ideas form looking into a metaphorical mirror (done in

2. List these concepts across the top of a page.

3. Type these concepts into a search engine on the internet.

4. List what you find under each heading -- even that which does not fit you.

5. Find one item from each heading that conveys something about you. From thses
printouts create a self-sculpture. Or copy and paste what you gather from the
internet into a collage. Assemlbe it in any whay into a visual self-sculpture.
If you have e-mail or chat room access, please click here to go to step#5.
So how does your CyberBODY look? Is it what you expected it to look
like? Is it what you think others see you as? Do comuters see you this
way? Our world is merging more and more with the new world of
Cyberspace, and we need to know how we are viewed in this new world.
We also need to relize what this new world holds for us has humans.
Technology creeps more into our lives every day, and we need to be aware
of our new selves, and our new surroundings.