Chicana Art WebQuest
Congratulations! You have just been hired by C.H.I.C. (the Chicana Heritage Institute
Corporation). This corporation is dedicated to educating the world about Chicana Heritage.
Your job title will be a Graphic Designer. And you will receive your first assignment in just a
few minuites.
Question and Task
During this WebQuest, you will be asked to live the life of a Graphic Designer working for
C.H.I.C.. Your first big assignment will be assigned to you, and you will probably have to do a
little research to make sure that your boss is happy with the finished product. By the end of this
WebQuest you will know the work day of a Graphic Designer, learn about Chicana art, and
create the design for your assignment.
Process and Resources
Each of you will be clicking on links that will take you to articles first about Graphic Artists,
and second Chicana Artists. Everyone will start out reading the same thing, individually you
will have to choose your own path, and read articles that will help you in your assignment.
Keep in mind that each article that you read is available to anyone, and everyone who wants
to read it. These are real Web sites. As you read the articles, you will need to find
interesting or important passages. Highlight and paste them in a Word document. You will
use these passages to help you in your assignment that C.H.I.C. will give to you. Some reading
may be challenging, however, you can look up unfamiliar words in the online dictionary to
lp you interpret the meaning.
1. Background: Something for Everyone
Everyone will need to read the Section One sites about Graphic Artists.
When you feel that you have found something interesting, or important,
you will need to highlight, copy and paste this into a Word program. Be
sure that you also copy the URL of the Web site, so if you need to go
back, you will know where to go.
Read about Graphic Designers, and figure out these three things:

(1) who they are,
(2) what they do,
(3) how they do it.
Section One provides a group of links to articles that will answer these questions for
you. If you do not understand a word, please use the online dictionary, or one that is
in the computer room.
Section One: What kind of job do I have?
A day in the life of a Graphic Designer
Visit the Web site of Elena Design, a Graphic Design company.
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