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Libros Y Amigos! enables students K-5 to meet the following Guiding Principles:


*A Clear And Effective Communicator

A. uses oral, written, visual,artistic, and technological modes of expression;

B. reads, listens to and interprets messages from multiple sources; and

C. uses English and at least one other language

*An Integrative And Informed Thinker

A. applies knowledge and skills in and across English language arts, visual and performing arts foreign languages, health and physical education, mathematics, science, social studies, and career preparation; and

B. comprehends relationships among different modes of thought and methods associated with the traditional disciplines.


Under the content area of Modern and Classical Languages it allows students to meet the following K-2 Standards and Performance Indicators:

A. Person To Person Communication:

Students will develop communication skills for direct conversation and written correspondence.

3. Greet others and respond to greetings in social situations.

B. Reading, Listening, And Viewing For Understanding

Students will develop reading, listening and viewing skills so they can obtain and interpret information in a second language.

4. Demonstrate understanding of simple oral narratives and short conversations on familiar topics in a second language.


 Created by Tracy Jackson - Wiscasset Primary School. 02/02