Lesson 1 - Introduction to Persuasive Writing 


Instructional Objectives

Students will look through a selection of paper brochures and web sites looking for the characteristics of effective persuasive writing and design layout.

Class time needed: 2 - 45 minute class periods, 1 in the computer lab

1 session for brochure group work, 1 session for web site review

Advance preparation and prerequisite knowledge/skills

Materials needed


propaganda, advertising, style, design, graphics, layout, brochure,  rubric, proportion


Session 1

Students will work in small groups analyzing the format and language of the travel brochures. 

Groups will record

Each group will study at least 3 brochures and make a list of common elements which they will present to the class.  Each group will make a presentation to the class about their findings on a sheet of butcher paper that will be posted in the room.  From these lists the class will design a rubric by which they will access the student presentations for style.

Session 2

The same study groups will work on computers to view state tourist web sites for 3 different states.  They will use the rubric developed during the first session to evaluate the style of the web sites compared to the brochures.  After the lab session the class will decide if they want to amend the design style rubric for the final  projects.

To find state tourist sites use the following formula

www.(state).gov   replace the (state) with the name of the state desired,  Once on the official site look for the tourism section.


Invite a travel agent to speak to the class about the characteristics of travel advertising and how to target a specific audience.


Students can bring travel brochures from home.


Presentations are focused, easy to understand, and show a understanding of the content presented.  Each presentation will include at least 3 relevant points from their brochure study sheet that can be added to the class rubric.