Freckle Juice - Lesson 2


Objective: Students will be able to:

* use simple strategies to determine meaning and increase vocabulary for reading including the use of multiple meaning, synonyms, antonyms and word relations

* determine the main idea, identify relevant supporting details, and facts

* the similarities and differences among the characters

* write a story on what they would like to change about themselves


* Book:  Freckle Juice by Judy Blume

* White piece of paper

* Chart paper

* Computer with Internet and word processing

* Worksheet (vocabulary) 

Vocabulary: allowance, combination, arithmetic, aisle

Working with words: The teacher will introduce contractions by writing samples on the board, then monitor as students make a list of contractions they find in chapter two.  Students will go online to Quia and complete activities on contractions.

Activity: The teacher will...

1. begin lesson by having the students share their prediction of chapter two. (enter predictions into computer-generated journal)

2. have students get into cooperative groups to brainstorm the similarities and differences among the characters. (put the responses on chart paper)

3. review vocabulary words and definitions from chapter one.

4. introduce new vocabulary words and definitions for chapter two.

5. give each student a white piece of paper, and have them fold it into six pieces (students can also use word processing and create a table with two columns and three rows as their boxes; then type, add clipart and graphics)

6. have students write each vocabulary word, definition and illustration in each box

7. read and discuss chapter two

8. have the students go online to The Dictionary Plus to find synonyms and antonyms for their vocabulary words

9. have the students go online to do a vocabulary activity, print out the worksheet and complete it

Evaluation: Students will do a writing activity (Imagine you could drink a magic liquid that would change your appearance for one hour. What your you change?  Your hair color?  Your height?  Or would you make even more drastic changes than that?  Write your ideas  and also write how you think your family would react when they saw you.  Then draw a picture of the "new" you), work on their personality panorama and answer the following questions:

* What does Andrew think was the reason that none of his family members had freckles?

* Paying Andrew $.50 will cost Andrew how many weeks of allowance?

* If the recipe did not work, what was Andrew going to do?

* Who is Mrs. Burrows?

* Why did Andrew fall off his chair?

* How would you rate Andrew's thinking before paying and drinking the freckle Juice? A score of 1 being that he gave it a lot of thought and 5 being that he gave it no thought.

* Do you think that if you were Andrew, that you would be gullible, believing in the recipe? Give your reasons.

Home Learning:

* Students will use word processor to type their vocabulary words in ABC order and write a sentence for each word.

* Students will go online to Puzzle Maker to create a word search with their vocabulary words.

* Students will go online to do a comprehension activity, print out the worksheet and complete it.

* Write a prediction for chapter three.


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