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The TeachNet Project Template

Title of Project or Unit

(Avoid generic titles; be descriptive)

About You
In a paragraph, tell us about yourself. (Relate it to your professional life. Write in the third person. Keep it under 100 words)
Your Name:
Your School/College:
Your e-mail (for teachers to contact you)

Describe your program clearly and concisely.  Give examples of what students do and learn. Provide at least one detailed example of a classroom activity and how new media plays a role. (200-300 Words).

Curriculum Addressed: Indicate the National Curriculum level (eg KS1, KS3) and refer to the appropriate guidelines explaining how your unit addresses these. If the unit is related to a public examination eg GCSE, GNVQ, A Level make this explicit and indicate the awarding body (eg AQA, Edexcel, NEAB, City and Guilds) (Under 50 words)

What You Need
Estimated number of sessions for students to complete this project: (please give approximate length of session)
For primary: give an estimation of class time required
Software or Materials Used: (include new media such as: scanners, Internet connection, etc.) (between 50 -100 words)
Keywords: (Enter words that will help a teacher find your lesson via a database; e.g. Vikings, Shakespeare, photography, biology, European Union, geometry. List as many as you can think of).

The Students
Tell us about the students involved in the project or the student population suitable for this project (e.g. ability level, skills required, prerequisites, grouping)

Overall Value
Describe the programís best features, innovative aspects, creative and effective uses of new media, and contributions to student achievement (cognitive and affective). Explain why teachers would want to adapt it for their classes. (50-150 words)


Sector (Primary/Secondary/Post-16):

Subject Area

Second Subject Area (if cross-curricular)

Appropriate Classes (Primary):

Year 1
Year 2

Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6

Appropriate Classes (Secondary):



 Appropriate Groups (Post-16):

Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
Year 10
Year 11


URL (http://...) of project or unit: (if this project is on the web put the address here.)
Tips for the Teacher: (Provide useful ideas to help in implementation.) (between 25-50 words)

When you are finished click on "Submit Project Information" below.  When you get the confirmation page AFTER you click on "Submit Project Information," select "file," and "print" if you want a printed copy for your records.   You may also choose "file," and "save" to copy the file to your computer (recommended).

The results of this template are sent via e-mail to John Hurley: jhurley@ncte.ie