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GCSE Business Studies, Finance and Accounting

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Subject Area/Level
The resources provide material that explains the topics covered by the Finance and Accounting unit of the ICAA/CCEA (formerly NDTEF) GCSE Business Studies syllabus.

About the Teacher
David Salbstein

David Salbstein teaches Economics, Business Studies and ICT at St Marylebone School, Westminster. He has found that students respond well to web-based resources and hopes that this approach will improve student understanding of finance and accounting.

There are six brief numerical challenges to test the student's knowledge of the key relationships of the unit. Each section also has a collection of multiple choice questions and a data-response task. Students can download spreadsheets of sample accounts that they can analyse using the skills they have learned. They can then suggest strategies for the business to pursue, using their skills of evaluation. Finally, there is a task that could be used as an extended research assignment or as the piece of coursework that can be taken for final assessment.

Curriculum Addressed
GCSE Business Studies, Finance and Accounting Unit. This is based on the ICAA/CCEA 2001 specification that replaces the old NDTEF syllabus. All topics from the unit are covered.

What You Need
Internet connection (Flash player needed for browsers), spreadsheet software is useful, presentation software is useful.

The Students
Students aged 14-16. Should be suitable for all ability ranges. Basic numerical tasks with supporting information are included. Higher order exploratory and evaluative tasks are also included.

Aims & Objectives
The site makes use of Macromedia Flash 5 learning extensions and ActionScript to allow the students to take tests that give instant feedback. There is also the inclusion of Excel spreadsheets that the students can work on. The work offers the students to do some self-assessed work, whilst the challenges at the end of each section will allow the teacher to have more of an active role.

Best not to get the students to read through the sites in the classroom - they can do this in their own time. You could adapt the content for class presentations or worksheets. Students could then take the tests and work in groups/alone on the download tasks. Students might want to write notes in their books when doing the tests (i.e. write the correct answers for revision notes). They might not want to, of course, but they probably should.



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