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About The Unit:

This Web Quest unit about hurricanes was written for fourth grade classes as part of the computer technology program. The unit can be adapted for grade levels three to twelve and for classroom use. Students can work individually or in groups to access information about hurricanes and to predict a future hurricane. This unit would work well as a collaborative project with students in areas such as the Caribbean or Gulf Coast, that are prone to frequent hurricanes. Epals might be used to locate a class for your students to communicate online with about their research on hurricanes. Students might compare and contrast the weather conditions in the regions they live in along with the frequency and intensity of hurricanes in the regions in which they live. Students can share their personal experiences with hurricanes.

A hurricane teacher's guide is currently being compiled by the Miami Science Foundation. For more information, log onto: http://miamisci.org/hurricane/teachers.html

Before the students begin the web quest, a Brain Pop hurricane quiz can be administered as a formative assessment to ascertain what students know about hurricanes. Student can take the interactive online quiz at the end of the unit to serve as a summative assessment to find out what they have learned about hurricanes. The Brain Pop movie or a United Streaming video on hurricanes can be shown as an introduction to the unit.

Standards Addressed:

1. Uses information technology to navigate, gather, analyze, organize, and present information related to hurricanes.

2.  Participates in group meetings to research, discuss, and evaluate information related to hurricanes.

3.  Interprets and synthesizes information to produce a narrative account explaining how hurricanes form.

4. Uses facts to support conclusions.

5. Follows written directions.