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 Web Sites For Student Journalists- hot links

1. http://highwired.com/fklane/reporter
 A. This site allows students and the advisor to create an online newspaper site for the school.  Students can submit articles to the school newspaper from any computer.
 B.  There is also a national edition on line with the best student articles  from all over the country which are chosen from those submitted to the staff. Click on the words "National Edition" to view these and evaluate them.  For news and feature articles use the evaluation form at the bottom of this page.  For commentary or opinion articles use the appropriate evaluation form.  Students can also submit their articles to the National Edition.
 C.  You can also view  and evaluate the best high school journalists' web sites.
What sites did you like or dislike and why?
 D. Looking at other scholastic articles from all over the country should give you ideas for articles you would like to write.  Spend time looking at the National Edition and the best web pages.  But then also look at local NYC schools or any school.  If you click on a state the school names become visible. Choose any school to see if their newspaper stories are available to read.   What ideas have you gotten from this search?

2. http://straightscoop.org
 A.  This site has an excellent contest.
 B.  This site has resources to help students improve all forms of newspaper writing.
 C.  This site has links for students to find information to help them write feature articles on timely topics such as drug abuse.  One of your assignments will be  to write a feature article on one of these issues.
 D.  This site has links for many other journalism organizations.  Click on the word, "student" or "teacher" when you are on the home page to start navigating the site.

3. http://nytimes.com
        Click on the search site to find articles on many topics- just type in  what you are looking for in the same day or extended search.

        This site provides an analysis of recent NY Times articles.  Read an article first and write your evaluation using the correct evaluation sheet.  Then see what an expert writes.  How do you compare?

         This provides the answers to  students' questions  to reporters organized by topics.   This is possibly  very helpful to students with their writing and other problems with  journalism.

We will be using the lessons from this site comparing news and feature writing with editorials, writing obituaries and more.

4. http://edpress.org Just simply information on a journalism contest due in December.

5. http://library.thinkquest.org/50084/index.shtml Teaches how to write commentary or editorials and editorial cartoons.
Write an editorial or commentary after reading this site.

6. Excellent search engines for research for students:
Choose a topic you want to know more about and try to use these search engines to find out more information.

7. http://nuevaschool.org  Click on library  and then  on research to learn how to use the Internet for research.  What did you learn?

News or Feature Evaluation Form
Aim: How well did the reporter write the news article or feature article?
Write the newspaper or source, title of article and author (if available), date and page (if available) and then answer questions:
1.Does the headline use a verb and is it good?  Why or why not?

2.What kind of lead (summary, modified summary  or novelty leads: question, shocker, quotation, action, reaction, description,  and contrast) is it and is it good?  Why or why not?

3. Attribution

a. Who did the reporter paraphrase and were the paraphrases good?  Why or why not?

b. Who were the people the reporter quoted and were the quotes good?  Why or why not?

4. Background- What does the reporter tell about background information?

5. How well does the reporter answer the 5w's and H?

6. Bias

 a. Does the reporter favor one view over another or does he give the views of both or more sides?  Give examples.

 b. Does the reporter give his opinion?  Why or why not?

7. Answer the aim.

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Student Worksheet on evaluating a persuasive essay
Aim: How well did the reporter write the commentary or opinion essay?
Write the newspaper or source, title of article and author (if available), date and page (if available) and answer these questions:

1. What is the opinion of the writer that he or she is trying to persuade the reader to believe?

2. A. What is the opposite opinion of the writer, the one he disagrees with?
    B. Is this mentioned in the essay and does the writer try to discredit this opinion? or is it implied?  Explain.

3. How does the writer try to convince the reader?
 A. Does the writer use appeals to reason?  Explain.
 B. Does the writer use appeals to emotions?  Explain.

4.  What important background details does the writer include?

5. A. Did you learn something from reading this commentary ?
    B. Did you change your mind because of reading it or did you come away unconvinced?  Explain?

6.  How well-written is this commentary, whether you agree with it or not?  Explain why you have the opinion you wrote.

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