Michael Ludwig

Unit Plan: Statistics  Measures of Central Tendency and Displaying Statistical Data






Students will:

Compute mean median and mode

Compare mean median and mode in a real-world application to

identify their practical uses

Apply mean median and mode to real-world statistical data

Organize data into frequency histograms, and stem and leaf plots

Organize real world information into histogram or stem and leaf plot.



Web Sites Used:







Lesson 1

Objective: Students will be able to define and comute mean median and mode (apply to real-world problems as well)


Guided practice on board with practice problems.


Homework: Activity 1: Mean median and mode.



Lesson 2

Objective:  Students will continue to work with mean, median and mode.


Go over last nights Internet homework assignment.  Have students put answers on board.   Discuss each measure of central tendency’s role or use in the real world.


Complete worksheet in pairs.


Homework:  Textbook homework.





Lesson 3: 

Objective:  Students will construct and organize data into frequency tables and then construct frequency histograms (including cumulative)


Guided practice:  construct 3 histograms using data gathered from the students in the classroom.


Discussion on the difference between cumulative histograms and frequency histograms.



Homework from the textbook




Lesson 4:

Objective:   Students will construct stem and leaf plots from data.


Guided Practice:  Construct stem and leaf plots from information gathered from students in the class.

Discussion on how mean, median, and mode can be seen in a stem and leaf plot.


Homework:  Activity 2:  Practice with Data





Lesson 5:

Objective:  Students will apply their knowledge of mean, median, mode, histograms, and stem and leaf plots to the real world.


Go over and discuss last night’s Internet homework assignment. 


Take students to the computer room to complete Internet scavenger hunt activity.


This will serve as a review of the previous four lessons and prepare the students for tomorrow’s exam.




Lesson 6:


Students will demonstrate mastery of Statistics Unit.