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Complete the statistical analysis by answering the following questions.  Be complete and show all necessary steps and methods!!!!



Statistical Hunt

A) Be sure to title the graph and label all axes appropriately. You do not need to include the years of his career.














B) Compute the mean, median, and mode of Babe Ruth's strikeouts. Show all work.






C) Compare the mean of Babe Ruth's strikeouts to a current player--Sammy Sosa.










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Complete the A-Rod Salary Scavenger Hunt by answering the following questions:


A-Rod Salary Hunt A

A) Alex Rodriquez is one of the highest-paid players in major league baseball. Click on his picture and scroll to the bottom to view his salaries throughout his career. Add up the total amount of money and write this number down. (Hint: Use the calculator on the computer, since his career salary adds up to be rather large.)







B) Compute the mean salary of A-Rod.








C) State the mode salary of A-Rod.







D) Imagine A-Rod is moving to West Nyack, New York. Using your answer from part A ( his total salary), find out many houses A-Rod could buy with his career total salary. Click on the picture of the house to find out the price of the house A-Rod is buying.






E) How many Ferraris could A-Rod buy with his career salary?  (Please list model and price and all work involved.)