Mound Bayou
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Mound Bayou: Jewel of the Delta

This website is dedicated to the people of Mound Bayou, their courageous ancestors, and their future descendants.

This website would not be possible without the guidence of Mr. Milburn Crowe, Mound Bayou historian, and the many residents who were willing to tell their stories and open their homes to the Malcolm Shabazz City High School students.

The Mound Bayou Curriculum Project evolved from research conducted in a Shabazz service learning class, "Education for Justice: The Mississippi Connection."

The purpose of this project is to record the history of Mound Bayou, Mississippi, one of the few remaining Historic Black Townships that was founded by freed slaves after the Civil War.

Students created multi-media K-12 curriculum materials. Their timelines, storybooks, flash cards, powerpoint presentation, and games are here for use by teachers and their students.

It is our hope that the history of Mound Bayou will be integrated into K-12 curriculum nationwide.

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