Structure WebQuest - Journalist Questions

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1. What occupations might have required educational courses in structure building that will be needed to help you out with your task?

2. Which 10-15 companies or people in your community might be good sources to interview about your structure building?

3. Write 5-10 questions that you might want answers to if you were to interview these people. Share these with your team members and revise them if necessary.

4. Use the questions that you wrote in part 3 to create interview worksheets for you and your team members. View the worksheet and download it to disk. Type in your questions, leaving areas to write answers, and save your new document as interviewsheet.doc

5. Interview at least 4 people on your list (from question 2) using your questions from #3 to get ideas for building strong and tall structures. The interviews can be completed as face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews, or interviews via e-mail. Give each engineer on your team two names/companies from the remaining companies/people that you listed in question 2 along with copies of your questions. Each of you is to complete an interview worksheet for each of the interviews. You'll do 4 interviews. Each of the engineers in your group must do at least two. All of these notes and interview sheets will be attached to your final report.

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This project was created by Nancy Powell for Geometry Classes at Bloomington High School, Bloomington, IL. I welcome your comments and questions.