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Try these sites for sites that might supply you with answers to your research questions.  The first section contains specific links that I found to be helpful, the second section contains links to search engines, and the third section contains resources in print. Use the second and third sections if you are unable to find your information in the links below.
DIS Earthquake Protection -
Earthquake Home Preparedness Guide -
 Instabox -
Reducing Earthquake Losses Throughout the United States -
Bee Information on the World Wide Web - Honeycomb Conjecture -
Earthquake Engineering Research - USGS National Earthquake Information Center -
The Right Technology for Retrofit and New Construction -
Argrov Box Company -
Earthquake Information: Reducing Hazards -
Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research - -
Invention Connection in Cyberspace -
Corrugated Packaging Council -
Department of Civil Engineering - Earthquake Engineering -
Canadian Corruguated Case Association -
Midwest Steel Framing Alliance -
-- Cardboard fluting-
Cardboard Waveboard -
Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center -
Crystal Palace Architecture with Steel -
Infra-Metals Steel Beams - see products and prjects
Risa Technologies - Steel beams -
Metwood, Inc steel and wood building materials -
Fort Point Lighthouse
under the beams of the Golden Gate Bridge -
City Planning -
Engineering -
Building Construction -
Building Material -
Enertia Building Systems -
homes of remarkable strength, economy, and beauty
Building Products by category -
Encarta Beta Version -
Building Construction: Steel -,5716,108710+4+106103,00.html
Beams -,5716,14104+1+13927,00.html
Early Steel-frame High-rises -,5716,108707+22+106103,00.html
Elasticity in Construction -,5716,32788+1+32229,00.html
Civil Engineering -,5716,115400+14+108659,00.html
Enclyclopedia Britannica Online -
Spider Web Links -
Spider Webs -

Resources in Print

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