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Structure Homework

Answer these questions after doing some research each day.  Make sure to do some interviews as well as web work!

  1. What did you learn about structures? What relationships between geometry and natural disasters did you find? How does compression and tension influence buildings?


  2. As you investigated structures, what geometry terms did you find or use today? Describe each.


  3. As you investigated structures and the stress that natural disasters put on structures, what tools did you use today? (Computer, protractor, compass, calculator, Internet, etc.)


  4. Who did you discuss this project with today? Who are they (students, parents, architects, insurance agents, etc.)? What did they suggest?

  6. What things did you try with your file folder today? What did you find out about the design and its strength?

  8. What do you plan to suggest in class tomorrow? Don't rule out those ideas which are figments of your imagination. What problems are your ideas attempting to solve, and why do you think that your ideas might help solve these problems? (Use the back of this paper for your answer.)

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