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Producing Commercials for Videotaping

Project URLhttp://teachersnetwork.org/teachnet-lab/is24/vnacionales/commercials.htm 

How it works:
Students view, compare, and critique television commercials: What do they have in common?  How are they different?  What is the purpose of each commercial?  The students learn about different types of commercials and the various writing styles used. They go online to gather relevant information. They also learn about the importance of preparing a storyboard and script and work with their teacher to produce an actual commercial for a product or service of their choice, including rehearsing for and videotaping the commercial.

Standards addressed:
Students create, perform, and participate in the arts; they use arts materials; respond to and analyze works of art; and understand the cultural dimensions and contributions of the arts.

Software or materials used:
Students use a computer with Internet access, a VCR, television, video camera, and chart paper and markers.

The students:
Producing Commercials for Videotaping
was prepared for students in grade 7+. However, it may be adapted for younger and older students.  There are no prerequisites for this program, although you may want to look at my other program:  Producing Public Service Announcements for Video.  It may be easier to start with that unit first.

Overall value:
This program begins with students responding critically to a variety of commercials, which enables them to really understand the purpose of such commercials.  It will change the way they listen to and watch commercials, as well as how they respond to them, thereby strengthening their powers of observation and evaluation. Students learn about the "messages" in commercial language--some subtle and some not so subtle. It will transform a passive commercial watcher to a critical thinker: "Do I really need to buy that?" "How is the commercial's message being presented?"  It will also enhance their communication skills. Through script writing, students will learn how important it is that their message gets across in 30 seconds or less.  It makes them focus on what they really want to say and gives them a better sense of what is essential and what is not. This will have a lasting effect on both their writing and public speaking.

I strongly suggest that you have sample video commercials to show the class at the start of this program. If not available, turn on your classroom TV and flip through the channels.




About the teacher:
Vivian Nacionales has been an educator for over nine years. She has taught Spanish, Italian, and drama.  Presently, she is developing a curriculum for a new three-year Media Talent Program at her school, Myra S. Barnes, I.S. 24, in Staten Island, New York.

E-mail:                               MrsNash106@aol.com

Subject Areas:

Grade Levels:




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