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TeachNet NYC: Lesson Plans

Project URL:

Purpose of the Project:
In this unit students will explore the meaning of friendship by seeking answers to the following questions in the readings: Do friends need to be alike, or can they be very different? Does it take time for a friendship to grow, or can it happen quickly?  Students will read the play “Driving Miss Daisy” by Alfred Uhry and a real life story, “A Brave Man lays His Life on the Line” by Joe Treen and S. Avery Brown, Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s “The Fox” from The Little Prince and listen to Paul Simon’s song, “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”
Students will explore related web sites to gather additional information, and compose an essay with a controlling idea.

Standards Addressed by This Unit:
Students will read and respond to literature from a variety of genres; increase vocabulary and reading comprehension skills; use the Internet to locate additional information related to their topic; write a cohesive essay following the conventions of English language.

Software Materials Used:
Students will use Microsoft Word and Internet to complete their projects.

Resources (URLS, hyperlinks):
Antoine de Saint-Exupery's life story:
Antoine de Saint-Exupery's The Little Prince:
Paul Simon's biography


Low, intermediate and advanced ESL students may benefit from these activities. Reading, writing, and speaking skills are required. Students need to work in groups. In addition, if students choose to listen to Paul Simon's song, they need to have certain listening skill in order to recognize the lyrics of the song.


The best features of this program are the following three aspects: first, students will combine textbook information such as the play "Driving Miss Daisy" with internet information. Students will be exposed to technology which will allow them to explore more beyond their textbook. Secondly, students get to write an essay with one controlling idea; such an essay will familiarize them with the English Regents exam. Third, students work in a team where they can help each other.


Many students have trouble writing an essay with one controlling idea because they seldom are exposed to this type of essay writing. Therefore it's important for teachers to guide students patiently, making sure they understand the steps in the writing process.

Linda Wang is an ESL teacher at University Neighborhood High School. She has been teaching for two and a half years. Her teaching principle is whole language approach; students learn English in a contextualized environment. Students learn things that relate to their immigrant lives. She teaches grammar in the context of stories or other literature pieces.

Email: llskw@aol.com 

Estimated class periods: 8

Subjects: ESL, Foreign Language

Beginning Grade Level: 9

Ending Grade Level: 10



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