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Project URL: http://teachers.altschools.org/landerson/

How it works:
About Me is a beginning HTML program for a wide range of students in both age and ability. It encourages students to develop their English and technology skills by having them write about themselves--their family, their home and neighborhood, their interests and hobbies, their education, and their future plans. The end product is first shared with classmates and can then put on a website that the students create. When the students see their work on the Internet, it increases their motivation to create a quality product.

Standards addressed: 
In addition to developing their language skills, the students produce an electronic text relating to their own life allowing for creative and artistic expression. Sharing, discussing, and publishing their work allows for social interaction. This is a great technological system to communicate to others about themselves.

Materials used: 
Required materials include a computer with an Internet connection and, of course, a browser for viewing. The simplest of word processors works the best for html coding.  Therefore, SimpleText for the Mac and Word Pad for the PC are recommendedIf teachers wish to publish their students' writings, they will need a server to send the work to, which should be provided by their district /superintendency or they can publish it on some free space such as Yahoo.com.

The students: 
About Me can be used with students from the sixth grade through high school. It will teach basic HTML code and improve writing and social skills. It is also a wonderful program for ESL students.

Overall value: 
The best feature of this project is its simplicity combined with an attractive end result. This program can be used for any essay that will appear on the Internet.

Show the students how to apply color to their web page. If there is a sluggish day where students are not motivated, move to the images and show them how to insert a gif into their web page. It helps to write the basic code they will need on the board so they may refer to it as needed. An overhead projector to demonstrate opening, saving, and viewing the web page is also very helpful. Have the students assist each other.


About the teacher:
Laura Anderson teaches Web Design and Computer Math in an alternative high school in New York City. She is a certified math teacher who has been teaching for 17 years, and has found the computer to be a very effective learning tool. Her classroom is a computer lab.

E-mail: landers3@nycteach.net

Subject Areas: 

Grade Levels: 6-12




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