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TeachNet NYC: Lesson Plans

Creating a School Web Site

Project URLhttp://teachersnetwork.org/teachnet-lab/fklane/dpietraru/web1.htm

How it works:
This program provides an overview of what educators and students need to know to create a school web site. Educational web pages have to be carefully planned and executed in order to have an effect on student achievement. Lessons and activities contained here focus on active student participation in creating dynamic, real, and exciting web pages. Every activity has a direct educational value. For instance, the creation of a web-based discussion forum is a writer's workshop where students review their written work and reflect upon further writings. The construction of a useful web page is a powerful element in involving students in the life of the school and community. Students feel at home when asked to freely and meaningfully participate in such an enterprise. A web site creates a virtual school with global ramifications, where students make a significant contribution.

Standards addressed:
The following standards are addressed in this unit: Listening, speaking, reading, and writing using language for information and understanding; using language for social interaction; accessing the Internet to find information relevant to a specific task; and developing critical thinking using technology and the Internet.

Materials used:
A school computer lab with Internet access is needed along with Microsoft FrontPage and/or Netscape Composer. A dedicated server to host the web site is recommended to implement most of the features described here. If this is not possible, a free server (AOL, Tripod, Geocities, etc) can be utilized.

The students:
The students who participated in this program were ESL transitional students in grades 10-12, but it can be adapted for any school population in either middle or high school.

Overall value:
Creating a School Web Site
is extremely useful in motivating students to participate, learn, read, and write about the life of their school and community. A school web site integrates different media and has an extraordinary exposure. Students and teachers will feel motivated to work at their best, knowing that their work will be showcased on the Internet.

Before starting, obtain minimum financial and logistical support from the school administration. The creation of a school web site is a very visible activity. Have the principal on your side before you start anything!

About the teacher:
Dinu Pietraru has been teaching English and ESL for 13 years. He has obtained grants for using technology in the classroom from the Center for English Learning and Achievement, the National Foundation for the Improvement of Education, and is the recipient of a New York State Learning Technology Grant. Presently the ESL Coordinator at his high school, Franklin K. Lane, he is a National Board for Professional Teaching Standards candidate.

E-mail: dinu@teachersnetwork.org

Subject areas:

Grade levels: 9-12



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