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TeachNet NYC: Internet Search Skills 101

Project URL: http://teachersnetwork.org/teachnet-lab/is24/cposer/searching.htm 

How it works:

The students will become familiar with computer and Internet jargon and explore different types of searches. The students will perform a search with and without Boolean search operators. They will learn how to make the most of their searching time by being as specific as they can with their vocabulary.

Standards addressed by this unit:

This unit targets many of the key competencies of the New York State Language Arts performance standards:

-read and comprehend informational materials.

-demonstrate familiarity with a variety of public documents.

-demonstrate familiarity with a variety of functional documents.

-make informed judgments.

-use computer technology to find information relevant to a task

Software materials used:

Internet browser


These lessons were implemented with 6-8 grade students but may be adapted to any grade level. The class had a wide range of previous computer knowledge.


This lesson will allow students to compare different search engines and different search strategies. It will make them understand that using specific terms can narrow down your searching time and make you a more productive searcher.


Take a trip to your local public library. Our local public library has a computer lab that offers free computer lessons to the community. It is a great resource that is often overlooked.

Christine Poser has been employed at I.S. 24 for over ten years. The past seven have been spent in the library as a media specialist. She has been involved with Project Smart, a NYC Board of Education program that installs computers in classrooms, since its inception in 1997. Through Project Smart she has published lesson plans to help teachers integrate computers in the classroom, and she has facilitated several workshops for teachers on the use of the Internet. She is also part of CLASP, Connecting Libraries and Schools Project. She has arranged author "meet and greet" programs and workshops with the New York Public Library. She enjoys teaching country and western line dancing in her spare time.

E-mail:  jcposer@aol.com

Estimated class periods to complete: 5

Subject:  English, Technology

Beginning Grade Level: 6

Ending Grade Level: 12


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