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TeachNet NYC: Lesson Plans
Bon Appétit: Exploring the Brasseries of Paris

Project URL: http://teachersnetwork.org/teachnet-lab/huck/brasse~1.htm 

Purpose of Project:
The objective of this learning experience is to provide a learner-centered, performance-based lesson in which students work cooperatively to review a site in the target language, enhance reading and writing skills as well as cultural knowledge, then create their own web-based project.  While students in this lesson completed individual projects, they did work cooperatively at many points to assist each other with language or technical difficulties. The class split its time between the computer lab and a traditional classroom. 

Students had already set up their own web pages and begun compiling their writing web-folios, so they were familiar with the technology component. I put all their Internet assignments on my web page, so many worked additional hours at home on these tasks. They worked on grammar or reading comprehension sites on their own, in preparation for the Regents exam, and were also able to listen to French radio stations with headphones in the lab. They all had key-pals in Sweden, learning French, with whom they corresponded regularly. This technology integration was highly motivating to the students, and they were exposed to more authentic documents and artifacts than they would be in a regular classroom setting.

Standards Addressed by This Unit:

Communication skills - students can read and comprehend materials written for native speakers; use cognates and contextual visual clues to derive meaning from texts that contain unfamiliar words, expressions, and structures; identify subtleties of meaning through the use of learned vocabulary and structures.

Cultural understanding - students can use some key cultural traits of the societies in which the target language is spoken; draw comparisons between societies.

Students use technology tools to prepare publications and produce other creative works; use technology to locate, evaluate, and collect information from a variety of sources; use technology resources for solving problems and making informed decisions.

Software Materials Used:
Internet connection, word processor, web design software; photo editor software optional

The students are in their third-year of French, preparing for the Regents exam. While they ranged in computer and language ability, working cooperatively they were all able to complete the project. The students had some prior knowledge of the subject, from previous classes and from readings in their Scholastic Ca Va magazine.

The topic of food and restaurants is particularly appealing to students.  Having previously been exposed to vocabulary and concepts on this theme, the students are prepared to visit authentic French restaurant sites on the Internet.  The student task sheet assists students in comprehending the site and extracting vital information from each brasserie ad.  The knowledge is synthesized and used to create a restaurant ad of their own, which is then published on their web site for others to view.  This project was highly motivating for the students, particularly the culminating visit to a French brasserie in NYC!

Discuss with students the exact steps they will take to complete the project, then let them work independently or in pairs to navigate the Internet, collect information, and design their own ad.  The number of class periods will vary, depending on the amount of time you would like to spend on web design.  

Mvc-009f.jpg (74029 bytes)
C. Huck and students at a restaurant in NYC

About the Teacher:

Carla Huck was the Assistant Principal and Technology Coordinator of University Neighborhood High School.  Her prior position was teacher of French and ESL, and VATEA grant coordinator, at Murry Bergtraum High School in Manhattan.

She is the winner of several technology awards, such as the AOL Foundation IEI grant, Pioneering Partners Grant, and NY State Model Teachers Award. 

Email: cbhuck@teachersnetwork.org

Estimated Class Periods To Complete: 5

Subjects: French, Computer Science

Beginning Grade Level: 9

Ending Grade Level: 12



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